Hi Duncan,

While in Peru this past December, some new friends encouraged me to reach out on Twitter after I talked about writing you an email in the Miami airport (never sent) a few days before. I've been listening to your creative output since The Lavender Hour and Rogan's snowflake days and love what you're doing...

The video below is a less than 2 minute overview of my thoughts on Optimizing the Mastering of the DTFH...if this could help while you're on Tour. 

I am, among other things, a musician and thought I'd share my thoughts on how to easily make your podcast, which I so enjoy, sound even better...I am willing to help however you'd like, if at all, as a win-win-win suggestion. Oh, and that was a sweet Mana Foods hat your wore in that MindLeftBody photo; Mana is the best.

-introductory closing, if this sounds interesting/helpful feel free to let me know your thoughts from this site's contact page or twitter...and please keep up all that you are doing and continue being awesome!


Abe Vandenberg


Original Audio and Waveform Photo

Re-Mastered Audio and Waveform Photo

And just for kicks...

this is what the Amazon jungle sounds like, 

at don Howard's SpiritQuest, in Peru after a night with Ayahuasca.

Good Luck on your upcoming Tour! It looks super fun...