First, there is obviously a big difference between being in an ayahuasca ceremony in the Amazon, and putting headphones on in a bedroom.   

Having said that, there is something about the comparison that feels right to me. Actually, it's the way my brain feels and responds to the binaural beats during and after meditating with Holosync that compels me to compare it with my experiences in the Amazon.

Curious about scientific studies that might corroborate what I subjectively felt, I found this study that said...

" light of recent research with gamma coherence during advanced meditative conditions, our findings might further the comparison of shamanic psychedelic practices with meditation."

In both cases for me, I have learned and grown in ways difficult to accurately imagine before I began these journeys. Holosync has been instrumental in the continuing integration of all that I experienced in the jungle, and then taking that to a deeper level than I expected.

I had looked into TM and listened to many podcasts about meditation, but wasn't certain yet how I wanted to move forward; there are so many styles, gurus, books, classes, retreats...

My goal of regular meditation wasn't to get good at meditating. It was to get better at life; be more at peace, have more control of my emotions, and make choices from a sense of awareness: respond more and react less.

  Walking on the steps of the Sydney Opera House,...

Walking on the steps of the Sydney Opera House,...

...I listened to Bill Harris, creator of Holosync, on the Bulletproof Radio podcast #186 talk about how Holosync increases awareness and how awareness creates choice; I wanted to learn more.

I listened to that podcast twice in a row...

...and then read the entire story/pitch at The excitement I felt was tempered only by a need to make sure this was the best product out there for me. I had to make certain I was investing in myself with the right program. That's what you're doing with Holosync; you are investing in yourself the same way you read all of those self-help books, take classes or go to a retreat, but this seemed like a deeper solution.

After I looked at the options, I felt that Holosync was the way to go.

I had been listening to binaural beats for 6 months at that time with an app on my iPod. I really like the Brainwave app, but didn't feel it was designed to take me to the places that Holosync does.

 here's a link for a free demo

here's a link for a free demo


So I decided to commit... putting my headphones on everyday and listen, feel, and surrender to the process. Persistence and perseverance are two of the most important traits you can have for success at whatever you are trying to achieve.

I was a little concerned about spending the money, but I thought about it in two main ways. First, I would commit to listening everyday (as much as possible), and if I didn't notice the benefits after 6 months that Bill talks about on his site, I would get a refund. He offers a refund up to a year after purchase. A year! Second, if I did get the benefits that Bill is confident anyone will get if they follow the (simple) directions, he and I both win. So with excitement and confidence, I entered my credit card info.

I began listening daily... 

...and noticed over time how I began to feel more calm and focused.  Emotions didn't have quite the pull they once had. Obviously, this is a process. It's not a magic switch, but when challenges happen I deal with them better than I used to. And if i don't deal with them better, I catch myself quicker and notice how I slipped and fell short.

Often, negative thought patterns weaken as I notice them and their power diminishes. Holosync's effects are powerfully positive and life changing, but growth itself isn’t free from challenges.

Enter upheaval.

I enjoy it because, even though it's not easy, I know that's when the hard work is being done. If you want results, you have to do the work.

Upheaval, to me, is when I feel a rush of uncomfortable anxiety arise during a listening session. 

Bill talks about this in his free book and in the support materials that come with the program.

Some people on other web sites complain about upheaval and only want a relaxation soundtrack for their meditation. That's fine. To each their own.

After upheaval is when I get the greatest benefits. It's like an emotional cleanse, or emotional purge. 

The key is to surrender to the feeling, accept it, and let it flow like a stream of emotion. Resistance doesn't help in this case at all; let it flow.

As I worked through the initial program called Awakening Prologue, I gradually experienced less upheaval. Awakening Level 1 felt stronger and deeper than the Prologue level. And as I write this, I'm at the end of level 2 getting ready for the 3rd. 

It's like working through an exercise program to the end and realizing that what once was difficult became relatively easy and rewarding. So now it’s time to figuratively add some weight, or reps, or miles to the routine and get even stronger. 

The excitement I felt when I first heard Bill talk about how he developed Holosync has only grown to wonder what I'll feel during the coming years. I'm in a place now where I can apply lessons that I've learned to my life in ways that weren’t available to me before.

Holosync has allowed me to grow in ways that have given me a huge increase in my awareness of myself. Before, even if I knew all the reasons to not be upset, frustrated, or angry, that knowledge didn't make it any easier to let go.

I’m learning about the differences between knowledge and awareness, and how awareness creates choice, especially where it wasn't available before.

For the last year and a half, Holosync has been, on a daily basis, what I read to expect and more. You can read about it too and with that awareness, try it out or is all about choice.