Breathing back into the inner power

Dr. Ken Kamler, author of "Surviving the Extremes," has treated dozens of people who tried to climb Mount Everest, and instead nearly died from the frigid temperatures. "People are always looking for new firsts on Everest. It's been climbed so many times now, people climb it without oxygen, they … they climb it with all different kinds of handicaps...

...but no one has come close to climbing Everest in those kinds of conditions," Dr. Kamler said. "It's … it's almost inconceivable." -abc news

Wim Hof is an amazing example...

...of a person doing what others think to be impossible and expanding the limits of how we can consciously and intentionally affect our bodies and state of mind. 

This documentary by VICE shows what Wim Hof is all about. Below the video are the times and quotes of my favorite parts. They're the parts that I had to write down the second time I watched this. 

3:33 “We are going to start with the breathing. You will see, feeling is understanding...


...And later on we can dig in all kinds of scientific literature and readings and comparisons and statisitics and all that, we don’t need, you are going to feel it. We are pioneers." - Wim Hof

5:32 “I am absolutely not the first one who was able to do this, but I am the first one to bring it to science and to take away the speculation around it." - Wim Hof

6:10 “Sadness is a deep Trigger. Where I got peace is with these breathing exercises." - Wim Hof

8:44 Narration  - "Wim’s mission is to use his body as a laboratory to revolutionize our understanding of physiology…it appeared that he was somehow able to suppress his immune response, by making his body secrete adrenaline, suggesting that his method can allow us to influence our immune system at will…they performed the same experiment on twelve subjects Wim had trained in Poland and the same thing happened" - Matt Shea

10:02  “…and with the techniques of Wim Hof, we show that he was able to increase his adrenaline levels to very high concentrations…that was something that we didn’t think possible before that”  - Professor Peter Pickkers, Department of Intensive Care Medicine Radboud University Medical Centre

10:16 Narration “If we learn to influence our immune system at will, we could potentially use that to treat inflammatory disorders where the immune system is overactive, including Crohn’s disease and Rheumatoid arthritis." - Matt Shea 

12:38 "I want it to be evidence based in science and I don’t want to give any false hope to any person in this world…it’s just learning to go back into the inner power which we all have.” - Wim Hof

17:23 “Whatever is hidden, deeper than the conditioning, these techniques are able to go really deep…we do not need psychotherapy…just bring back the control within yourself, connect back with the body…we learn to control our happiness, health, and strength, and that’s not philosophical or sectarian, it’s chemistry.” - Wim Hof

33:11 Narration “There’s a method to this, what I’m doing is breathing in more oxygen than I need and then breathing out without fully letting go, doing that five times, and on the final breath squeezing the oxygen into your chest, neck, and head, and that creates either real or illusionary heat, and then you let go. And that’s how we get to the top of the mountain.” - Matt Shea 

38:33 “I want to bring back Love in the world. Love is compelled by happiness, strength, and health... 

...If you radiate good energy because you are healthy, happy, and strong…that’s Love. So Love is my mission.” - Wim Hof 

If you are also curious to learn more... 

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