Abe's Logic is what I call the studio recording extension of my multiple musical personalities; it's a sort of surfer grunge alternative, to ska,  jazz, acoustic, electronic, and/or flat out rock

Album - "Before the Party's Over"

Written, Performed, Produced by Abe Vandenberg 
Mikal Elder - lyrics on "Don't You Know Me By Now" and "She Saved My Life" 

Here's the song above in video form with big wave surf footage from Jaws on Maui. *I do not big wave surf...just film with cameras and then play sax 

Nomadic Profusion is a collaboration between myself and Christopher Candito; it's a chunky blend of folk, blues,  jazz, and rock 

Album - "Move On"

main vocals: Chris Candito

Christopher Candito's and my musical journey winding through (at least) Folk, Blues, Jazz, and Rock with Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Vocals, Saxophones, Keyboards, Bass, and Percussion... with a song each from brothers Nick Vandenberg and David Candito